Playing pc games has always been our top priority as a child, but we always used to play only those games which were supported by our computer. In India people generally tend to use a computer for a very long time and thus they do not involve in the purchase of a new pc or updating their existing system. Therefore, the 1 GB RAM PC GAMES of some gamer always remained with old specifications and they were not able to play the new age high definition games on their pc.

What is 1 GB RAM PC GAMES?

But we know that there are certain gaming companies who develop PC games under 1 GB RAM and provides the same experience to the gamers as the high-end games provide these days. Through this article, I am going to tell you about some of the pc games for 1 GB RAM without a graphic card as well as some of the highly compressed games. Not only this but this article will also explain the pc games download process and also pc game rare file download concept.

Dear gamers further in this article I am going to tell you, your different pc games under 1 GB RAM and also the games which are available on the ocean of games. Some of the games I am going to list are also pc games under 500 MB and some pc games with 1 GB 2019 launch, Sounds interesting? Stay tuned!

Here are some of the popular games under 1 GB RAM PC games and games up to 1 GB RAM:


Oblivion is love; oblivion is life for the gamers. It ranks certainly the most popular low-end games in the world of pc games. Launched in the year 2006 this game stays in the heart of gamers forever. This game is running on any windows version and best on Windows XP, most importantly this game requires only 512 Mb of RAM and a minimum graphic card of 256 Mb that comes preinstalled in every PC. Isn’t it the best PC game under 1 GB RAM pc games?


We all know Witcher 3 wild hunt but this Witcher installment of the Witcher series is probably the best with minimum pc requirements and provides high-end graphics. Launched in 2007 this game involves various chapters that allow you to freely roam in the areas and be back to the same place. This game will provide you the best of wild maps and even darker vibes and will require only 1 GB of RAM and 128 MB Direct X video card.

Prince of Persia-The Forgotten Sands:

Every gamer once in his lifetime has played the legendary game series called the Prince of Persia. The forgotten sand is an installment of the same game launched in 2011 that requires 1 GB of Windows XP and 256 MB of a video graphic card. The ocean of games and the world of pc games both have the download link of this game. You can also download the rare file of this game and then extract it later in your PC.


MAX PAYNE was launched in 2001 is high user friendly and computer friendly game. The best part about this detective mystery game is that it does not even need a full 1 GB RAM pc games and it gets installed and runs in only 670MB HDD space. Isn’t this game cool? You will find this popular game in every hardcore gamer’s computer.


Moto GP is the famous bike racing game built by the Inspiration of Moto GP sport that is actually a bike race. It is a must-play game as very few racing games come under 1 GB also the download size is only 500MB and it has good graphics as compared to other low-end bike games.


GTA 4, yes it has minimum requirements of 1 GB of RAM memory. You can easily play on a very low-end PC. No need to explain GTA as every gamer has played it once in his lifetime and most of them still play because of the awesome gameplay and user experience. You can download this highly compressed game on your pc and then extract it. GTA is not definitely pc game for 1 GB ram without a graphic card as you will require a basic video graphic card of 256 MB which generally comes pre-installed these days. Ocean of games and world of pc games also provide the rare file download link of this superb game.


All of us have played the legendary need for speed game and burnout paradise is just an advanced version of everything you get in need for speed. It’s an open-world racing game that can be played on a low-end pc. It consists of different maps and superb car models. It also provides nice graphics and surely proves to be the best game under 1 GB RAM and a lesser version of the graphic card.

Now I am going to provide you a list of different games under 1 GB of RAM which can easily run-on low-end systems.
• Call of duty 1,2,3,4
• HITMAN 1, 2 ,3 ,4
• Counter-Strike source
• Half-Life 1
• Battlefield 2
• Road Rash
• Age of empire
• The Shield
• Total Overdose
• Assassin’s creed
• Aladdin
• Far Cry
• Fahrenheit
• Soldier of Fortune 2
• Pro Evolution Soccer
• Halo
• Vice City

Safety: –

While downloading the games, be cautious of your privacy. When you download the fraud copies of games, your personal data can be leaked and your device may be filled with viruses, as downloading those duplicate copies of games may invite the access of malware, spyware, and several different viruses. Hence, to protect your device from these viruses, purchase authentic copies of games.

Disclaimer: –

Few of the websites are fraud and might include viruses thus I have not linked them with the website. Also, If you want to play a glitch-free game without any bugs and lags I would recommend buying the original copy of the game and play.

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