Top Download car driving games for pc in 2020

Racing and car driving games are the most fascinating when it comes to computer gaming. We always remember the fast-paced racing games on our video game sets and computer systems in childhood. In this article, I will tell you about Download car driving games for pc. Car driving games are provided by millions of websites and you can just search for car games download or city car driving download.

I would like to tell you that racing games have become more advanced with higher graphics these days. Variety of cars, Nitro and boosts, different maps, and what not racing games always become the most chosen games as Download car driving games for pc.

The racing and car driving games have evolved so much that now these games also come in 3D versions as well as provide car simulation. Simulator games are truly magic and therefore you can search for 3D car driving simulator free download for pc. Just like the train simulator and the roller coaster simulator, there are car simulators where you have various missions such as speed driving, races, and parking missions. You can also download the apk file from torrent and other sites by simply entering the city car driving download apk.

Now I am going to list the top 10 car racing games for pc free download versions, these games are probably the best of car racing games and can be downloaded easily by link or apk. These include car game download, simulator games, and car driving game download for pc windows 7, windows 7 ultimate, and further versions.

Some of the Download car driving games for pc are:


CSR Racing is a high-speed Download car driving games for pc junkie kind of game where you can just race all around the city with different cars such as BMW, Merc, etc. The player can also adjust the look and appearance of his car and move towards the next challenges one by one. This game can also be played in a multiplayer mode and it is very easy to download this game in your pc. It’s surely the best of car driving games.


Fastlane Street racing is another amazing car racing game that comes with fantastic 3D visuals. It has a variety of fun-oriented challenges and the player has to choose from a collection of 10 superb cars. Fast Lane racing is basically a very reputed and most played racing game on other platforms such as PSP, and PlayStation. Its lite version can easily be downloaded on pc and played for free.


Need for speed underground 2 also known as NFS U2 is the amazing installment of the very popular NFS car racing series. This game just revolutionized the car racing games in India. You can roam around streets in free mode, amazing missions, fun-filled rides, superb sports cars, and fantastic maps just everything is included in this game. What else you need when you have the best car driving games.


If you wish to drive safely then Asphalt 8 is not probably the game for you. Asphalt 8 airborne is a game where using Nitro’s and boosts is considered to be normal in the city and races. With more than 40 superb vehicles, the game has no shortage of car races and challenges. It also has a story mode wherein you can just complete the Airborne Asphalt story chapter wise and win rewards which also leads you to make your name in the underground car racing world and the car racing community.


Traffic racer is generally the Dr. Driving kind of game that everyone has probably played in mobile phones. Traffic racer comes up with three exciting modes where you can just drive, roam, free trail, etc.


Burnout is the new aged fast-paced racing game with ultra high definition graphics and superb cars. The game is filled with amazing maps and adventures which takes you to a virtual racing experience full of challenges. BURNOUT was earlier famous on PlayStation, Xbox 360 but later on it made its way to the PC gaming segment and is one of the successful& highly played car driving games.

These are some of the most popular games listed above but remember that there are many computer games which are into car racing and car driving therefore we should recognize them as well few of those are listed below:

  • Asseto Corsa
  • Dirt rally
  • NFS undercover
  • Downhill
  • Project Cars
  • Forza Motorsport
  • F1
  • Race Room
  • iRacing
  • Shift 2
  • Grid Autosport
  • Midtown Madness
  • Track mania
  • Team Sonic racing
  • Need for speed madness
  • Real racing
  • Grandprix
  • Riptide Gp: Renegade
  • Horizon Chase

So now you might be thinking that from where to download car driving games for pc
Easily and freely. The answer to this is obviously google but remember that you’ll have to type some keywords such as city car driving download apk or top 10 car racing games for pc free download versions thus by entering these keywords in the browser will definitely redirect you to the exact page from where you can download car driving games for pc.

Skidrow and fitgal are some of the websites from where you can easily download the car driving games. Other than this you can also use torrent for quick download.

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While downloading the games, be cautious of your privacy. When you download the fraud copies of games, your personal data can be leaked and your device may be filled with viruses, as downloading those duplicate copies of games may invite the access of malware, spyware, and several different viruses. Hence, to protect your device from these viruses, purchase authentic copies of games.

Disclaimer: –

Few of the websites are fraud and might include viruses thus I have not linked them with the website. Also, If you want to play a glitch-free game without any bugs and lags I would recommend buying the original copy of the game and play.

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