Toiing Rock Art Kit | Creative Reusable Painting DIY Kit | Indoor Art & Craft Kit with Paints & Paintbrush | Birthday Gift for Kids Age 4 Years & Above

Price: ₹ 449.00 - ₹ 399.00
(as of Apr 19,2021 16:38:28 UTC – Details)


Product Description

Taking inspiration from the very origin of painting, Rock Art allows you to imagine and paint anything and everything. It’s a truly engaging medium for children and allows them to experience painting on a different kind of canvas. To top it off, these colours can be washed off and reused – offering endless possibilities and boundless fun! If you want to turn any of these into permanent artworks or showpieces, just apply a coat of clear nail paint or varnish on the dried painting. Alternatively, you could also use acrylic colours to make it longer-lasting.

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Creating everyday moments of togetherness that are unique to your parenting style

Parenthood is a journey, not a destination. It is not something you accomplish by pulling an all-nighter or hustling your way through but nurture one moment at a time – each day, every day. We believe that little, shared moments, more than grand gestures, lay the foundation of a cherished relationship and we are here to help create those for you. We understand your struggle to juggle your career, your family, your health and your interests and your desire to excel at them too. In the commotion that is your everyday life, we make it simpler for you to steal away a few moments of shared joy with your children doing something unique to your parenting style and truly enjoyable yet meaningful at its core.

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Develops creativity & hand-eye coordination

Art helps children develop creative skills by allowing them to go outside the box. A child allowed to express and experiment freely in creating art develops innovative thinking and visual spatial skills. The act of holding a paintbrush goes a long way towards developing fine motor skills and the experience of making decisions and choices in the course of creating art carries over into other parts of life.

Reusable – wash and paint as many times as you want

Don’t let the medium of expression restrict your creativity – use and reuse these rocks as many times as you want until you have created that art piece that you want to treasure. It offers you the flexibility of using acrylic paints if you want to create a long-lasting piece of art or simply adding a coat of varnish/clear nail paint helps preserve the painting for longer.

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Describe your products in three words.

Fun. Thoughtful. Indian.

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

From rummaging through aisles and aisles of toys for dearly loved sons, daughters, nephews and nieces 🙂 The more we interacted with parents, the more closely we felt their constant struggle to balance their careers, interests and family. In an overwhelmingly cluttered toys market, we found it astonishingly difficult to find toys that were innovative, thoughtful and truly designed for the Indian market. In the grand scheme of things, even 10 minutes doing something meaningful and engaging with children goes a long way in creating cherished memories for both. Towards this end, we have developed a diverse range of thoughtful toys and games designed to create everyday moments of togetherness for parents which complement their unique parenting style.

What makes your product special?

Each product is designed to create a thoroughly engaging & novel play experience for children while encouraging parents to spend some time with their children doing something enjoyable & memorable. We strive to ensure we don’t plate up anything ordinary or mundane and work with a variety of ethnic Indian materials & design concepts to create engaging yet meaningful interactions between parents and children.

What has been the best part of your experience?

Hearing parents gush about how they found our toys very thoughtfully made and how their kids had a complete blast playing with them has unequivocally been the best part of our experience 🙂

HOW TO USE: Get inspired from the designs given in the booklet or use your own creativity to paint on the rocks using washable tempera colours & paintbrush. The paints are washable so they might start flaking after one day of being dry. To make it permanent, simply apply one coat of clear nail paint or varnish immediately after drying.”
HOW TO REUSE: Simply wash the rocks under water or wipe it with a wet cloth and reuse the rocks as many times as you want
KINDNESS ROCKS: Encourage kids to paint positive & happy messages and images on the rocks and gift them to someone who needs a little kindness
WHY GIFT THIS: A break from standard art & craft kits which are paper-based and not reusable, Rock Art is an open-ended creative gift for kids with great repeat play value

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