Toiing Puzzletoi World Explorer Map 3 Different Games for 6-10 Year Old Kids – Learn About The World with a World Map Jigsaw Puzzle for Kids, Great Innovative Educational Gift for Boys and Girls

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Product Description


We Believe In The Power Of Play! Because children (why, even adults) learn so much when they play – patience, perseverance, determination, kindness, collaboration and several other life skills. Parents who believe in the power of play encourage playtime at home. They create time in their busy lives for play. Because they know that, after all, the family is the child’s first playgroup. They know that families that play together, don’t just stay together. They grow together.


Toiing Puzzletoi – India Explorer 3 in 1 Play and Learn Kit

If you thought the advent of smart-phones and tablets had made puzzles obsolete, think again! It’s true that, nowadays, you’re more likely to see kids playing video games than putting together traditional puzzles. Toiing brings you a 3-in-1 combo of two games and a jigsaw puzzle that forms a map of India & a map of the world when put together. Play and learn about incredible India. Set forth on a journey to discover India’s rich diversity or explore the world and set forth on a journey to become a globetrotter through a bunch of three different activities – a jigsaw puzzle, a spotting game and a trivia quiz.




puzzle 4 puzzle 4

Increased IQ

Puzzletoi provide improvements to our vocabulary, memory, and overall reasoning. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the other benefits of puzzletoi is that they help raise our IQ (intelligence quotient)

Puzzletoi help you exercise both the parts of your brain

The human mind has two separate hemispheres called right and left brain, with each one dealing in different functions. The right brain deals with emotions and is a gateway for creativity while the left brain functions analytically. When you try to put together a jigsaw puzzle, you harness both the brain powers. While working on jigsaw puzzles, it has been studied that there exists continuous activity thought the brain involving all the cells and parts of the brain. This intense activity works to exercise the brain cells and thereby activate them and increase their efficiency and capacity too.

puzzle 5puzzle 5

Describe your products in three words.

Fun. Thoughtful. Indian.

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

From rummaging through aisles and aisles of toys for dearly loved sons, daughters, nephews and nieces 🙂 The more we interacted with parents, the more closely we felt their constant struggle to balance their careers, interests and family. In an overwhelmingly cluttered toys market, we found it astonishingly difficult to find toys that were innovative, thoughtful and truly designed for the Indian market. In the grand scheme of things, even 10 minutes doing something meaningful and engaging with children goes a long way in creating cherished memories for both. Towards this end, we have developed a diverse range of thoughtful toys and games designed to create everyday moments of togetherness for parents which complement their unique parenting style.

What makes your product special?

Each product is designed to create a thoroughly engaging & novel play experience for children while encouraging parents to spend some time with their children doing something enjoyable & memorable. We strive to ensure we don’t plate up anything ordinary or mundane and work with a variety of ethnic Indian materials & design concepts to create engaging yet meaningful interactions between parents and children.

What has been the best part of your experience?

Hearing parents gush about how they found our toys very thoughtfully made and how their kids had a complete blast playing with them has unequivocally been the best part of our experience 🙂

JIGSAW PUZZLE: Forms the map of the world when put together, the jigsaw puzzle has images of what different continents of the world are known for – food, monuments, animals, dance and other fun facts
SPOTTING GAME: The spot and mark game improves observation and helps you explore the world by looking for different images on the puzzle
TRIVIA QUIZ CARDS: For slightly older kids (8+) the trivia quiz is designed to test memory and introduce kids to interesting facts about the world
WHY GIFT THIS: Boys or girls, this is a great learning gift and a nice return gift option for parties

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