Free Talking Chhota Bheem Toy Game in 2020

A complete Talking Chhota Bheem Toy – Dance, Play Music and Rhymes, Talk, Play and Care

Your Favorite Chhota Bheem is as of now available as a Digital Toy

talking chhota bheem toy game
Download Talking chhota bheem Toy game
  • Play with Chhota Bheem, Make Him Dance, Play Nursery Rhymes, Play Musical Instruments, Feed Chhota Bheem, Brush his teeth, Give him a shower and Put him to Sleep.

Tidy up Bheem in his various images.

Travel to various complaints.

Introducing Dancing Talking Chhota Bheem Toy

  • Tap on the Ipod in the Living Room (Home Screen) to have Bheem play his main tunes (5 Seconds) and Dance to them

Introducing the Nursery Room

  • Play your main tunes like Twinkle, Baa Black Sheep, Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • Learn how to remember for English

Introducing the Music Room

  • Chhota Bheem plays his main tunes on his Keyboard and Xylophone, Play close by him
    Novel Feature – Holi Room
  • Celebrate Holi with Chhota Bheem with the novel holi room and new toys the pichkari and water inflatables

Toys in the Living Room

Chhota Bheem takes advantage of his Football, His Cricket Kit , A Bubble Blower and his Party Whistle


  • Level Up and Unlock distinctive food things
  • Get more food things from the Food Store


  • Bheem can brush his teeth and tidy up


  • Bheem rests when killing the lights


  • Added Facebook joining to get your profile pic
  • Allowing facebook moreover gets you a free character “Chhota Bheem – Holi outfit”
  • Choose your main Chhota Bheem Avatar
  • Select another Home point A Royal Theme, A Cricket Theme or Holi


  • Claim Mystery Boxes resulting to visiting some extraordinary territories around the globe
  • Learn how to remember for Hindi when you visit the Taj Mahal
  • Learn how to remember for French when you visit the Eiffel Tower

Various Features

  • Bheem moreover can take a Video Recording or a Photo of the Screen
  • A Quick Mute catch is available on this Screen
  • Watch a Video to Recharge Energy

Game Requirements

Chhota Bheem Toy respects your security, doesn’t store any near and dear information and doesn’t allow you share this information.

We do require two or three additional Permissions to work:


This approval would use your google account name and picture to show it on the leaderboard once you sign in


This approval is required to hold and examine video content during the game play

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