Best Taj wala game dena in 2020

Experience the thrill of the card game no. Taj wala game dena # 1 from India with Teen Patti # 1, Teen Patti Tycoon

Play Teen Patti now with your friends, family and colleagues or challenge over 1 million 3 Patti Tycoon players from around the world.

taj wala game dena
Download taj wala game dena

Against Patti Tycoon is the best 3 Patti real-time multiplayer experience. Enjoy your Teen Patti addiction with this exciting new app. Win big and win every day.

Connect and play with millions of passionate Teen Patti players around the world.
Download the app, log in, invite players, bet, play and win.

Amazing Features Taj wala game dena

  1. Registration: Register with one click on Facebook or play as a guest.
  2. Download bonus: Earn 5,00,000 chips and 20 bottles when downloading
  3. Daily bonus: Receive 1,40,000 tokens and 1 bottle as a bonus every day.
  4. Limit Tables – Enjoy Fixed Limit and No Limit Tables
  5. Force Bottle: A Visa player can request a Force Show in order to use Force Bottle. The hands will be compared and the winner will receive everything in the pot.
  6. Connect with friends: invite your friends, family and colleagues or play with millions of players online.
  7. Chat – Quickly chat with players and create game strategies.
  8. Internet connection: works smoothly with 3G, 4G and a fast Wi-Fi connection.
  9. Interface: Friendly interface, easy to use.

Patti Tycoon mode for teens

Public Table – Play in classic Teen Patti mode. Play with players of the same level. Millions of REAL PLAYERS from around the world.
Private Table – You can create your own private Teen Patti table and invite friends, family and colleagues to join Taj wala game dena.
Variants – Try popular Teen Patti variations like AK47, Muflis, Greater Joker, and Lowest Joker.
Against Patti Tycoon does not participate in any type of game, it encourages the game with prizes, tokens, and in-app purchases.

Download and play Teen Patti Tycoon anytime, anywhere.

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