Simple Draw: Quick Sketchbook and Drawing App


🎨 Do you want to draw something creative but don’t have paper? This application will suit you perfectly. Single choose a color and draw, it’s as easy as that ⭐️

🖼 You can save the drawing to a file or share it directly via email or social media so your friends can also have fun with the sketchbook.

This very popular sketchbook for quick sketches and painting provides many useful functions such as Undo / Redo, changing the background color or using an image as a background. Optionally, you can have the app prevent the device from falling asleep as well. You can also change the brush size or use an eraser if you screwed up something. It supports the insertion of colors, either by selecting it from a huge palette or by entering the hex code of colors. The painting has a modern look based on the material design.

This simple sketchbook supports many different formats, such as PNG, JPG, or SVG vectors.

You can draw something new from scratch or open some file and just play around with it. It is perfectly usable by you or by a family with children to play some games. After all, everyone has an artist piece of their own.

You won’t find fancy or advanced tools, brushes, fonts, filters, paints here, it’s supposed to be used for fun.

It does not contain unnecessary ads or permissions. It is fully open source, provides customizable colors.

VOID – This version of the Paint Sketchbook app is no longer maintained, get the Pro version at Don’t forget that if you uninstall any paid app in 2 hours, you will be automatically reimbursed. If you want a refund at any time later, just contact us at and you will get it. That makes it easy to test 🙂


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