Best Shadow fighter 2: Shadow & ninja fighting games

Shadow Fighter 2, this is one of the other versions of Shadow Fighter. In this version, we have improved a lot with excellent writing, characters, enemies, and graphics.
Shadow Fighter 2 – Ninja Fighting Games is an excellent action game, an excellent fighting game. It is also one of the best offline RPG and ninja fighting games.

shadow fighter 2 game
Download shadow fighter 2 game

This fighting game is addictive games and adventure games. You will go through 5 zones with forest, desert, mountains and Shadow Fighter will take you through serial levels with incredible experiences.

There are a number of zombie battles and monster battles in the levels. In each level you will experience a fierce battle. In this you will be a hero to fight against the forces of darkness: zombies, monsters. Your skill will update after each level.

In these fighting games, you can use a variety of weapons and equipment to attack the enemies.
In this Shadow Fighter 2 – ninja fighting games. It takes you from zone 1 to zone 5 (from level 1 to level 50) in three modes: normal, difficult, and extremely difficult.
There are five different heroes to choose from: 3 Ninja, Horse, Witch
Every five levels there is a powerful boss, to destroy this enemy you have to be smart, skillful … This fight will give you a fun and wonderful feeling.

Features of Shadow Fighter 2

  • 5 heroic characters: 3 Ninja, Knight, Clergy
  • Levels: 150+
  • Modes: normal, difficult, extremely difficult
  • Amazing graphics, effects and sounds
  • More weapons, equipment to attack zombies, monsters, demons.
  • Daily search
  • Save  …
  • Unlock characters and teams by watching videos
  • How to play Shadow Fight:
  • Tap the run button to run
  • Tap the Jump button to jump
  • Tap cut button to cut
  • Other special attack skills

These are free fighting games to download and play. Let’s download and try these adventure games and share yours with friends! This fighting game will take you on the most incredible adventures and I think it will bring you the most beautiful moments and the most wonderful experiences. You will be addicted to these action games.

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