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We welcome all fans of offline games and offer to get acquainted with the unique game content called Module TD. You have a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the vast expanses of space for a long time to help the fantastic race of brave raccoons breathe life into an extinguished star. You will need enough patience and skill to fend off long-lasting enemy attacks and to achieve long-awaited victory.

The Fantastic Story

Module TD is a bright representative of offline games with an unpredictable plot. You have a difficult task to save an entire nation. Once upon a time long ago, a wonderful race of Mirati lived and flourished on the beautiful planet Nahaku enjoying the warmth of 23 stars. The peaceful existence lasted for hundreds of years until one of the suns went out. This broke the peace of the friendly inhabitants of the planet and forced them to take up arms. Now it’s up to them to build a new star, fending off hordes of enemies. Test your reaction time and wits in one of the best offline games and help the brave raccoons.

Abundant Tools for a Better Gaming Experience

Perhaps you have already played offline games TD, and know-how scarce their functionality can sometimes be. Here you will find a perfect weapon. The developers offer a rich arsenal that is rarely found in offline games. It consists of nine luxurious towers with powerful fire support. You’ll be able to hold off continuous enemy attacks with large-caliber Gatling guns and powerful rockets, as well as to use:

• compact laser cannons;
• Gauss electromagnetic guns;
• Tesla’s legendary beams;

In addition, you can count on crushing mortars and three additional cannons to defend your territory, which includes a vital space base. Each of the gun turrets is upgradeable. This is the best thing in offline games of this type. You’ll be able to increase the power of your strikes, the range and rate of fire of your guns. Get ready for a long confrontation in Module TD.

Develop Your Own Strategy

Most offline games require quick decision-making and clever tactics. This game content, which has over 80 levels, is no exception. You can configure the towers as you think is right, planning the defense. Use the five basic elements and more than 30 function modules to do so. It takes increased attention on your part to decide the outcome of the battle in your favor. It’s no secret that difficult challenges motivate offline game players. Here you will meet enemies that have unique abilities. You must try not to let them weaken or disable your towers.

Explore detailed graphics with intricate mazes. Get the rewards that are so important to fans of offline games and demonstrate your tactical superiority. With Module TD, you are guaranteed unforgettable battles and a rewarding gaming experience. The gameplay developers did their best to make your Sci-Fi adventure last as long as possible and leave a lot of positive emotions. This is the best place for real brainstorming with a series of endless combinations.

Spend a minimum of time to download the game and make sure we’re right. Share the gaming experience with your friends and leave your review. It’s good if you’re satisfied, and if there’s something you don’t like, we’ll try to take it into account to get better.


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