Siligli Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Fish Scale Towels Reusable Cleaning Polishing Rags for Kitchen, Glasses, Cars, Pack of 10, 12″×12″




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Product Description

microfiber glass cleaning cloths

microfiber glass cleaning cloths

Size: 12″×12″ Package include: 10 Pieces

Siligli micro fiber wipe cloths are constructed with dense and high-grade fibers that collect dust every wipe without chemical cleaners. These fibers are durable and sturdy, can be reused hundreds of times and no fade. Unlike a typical microfiber cloth, Siligli cleaning rags are thin but have strong decontamination effect.

A good microfiber towels for cars to clean up smudges and dust without lint remnants and scratches, you won’t have to worry about the damage of glasses or screens. Great for cleaning mirrors, windows, computer, phone, or anything.

The window cleaning cloths are highly absorbent that hold water and pull water in instantly as the unique hydrophilic fibers. It absorbs liquid well and works great as a paper towel substitute. This lint free cloths are quick-drying as there are tiny air pockets between micro fibers, prevent the build-up of mold. Perfect for any type of surface from the car to the kitchen.

Machine washable or flush with detergent and water, then air dry.

Easy to clean and quick to dry.

kitchen cleaning clothskitchen cleaning cloths

POWERFUL CLEANING EFFECT: This microfiber towels feature advanced double-sided fish scale grid design which can pick up dirt inside the dense fibers until you wash them clean. This cleaning rags can easily remove the tea stain, rust, grease, fingerprints, water stains and any other smears without harsh chemicals or detergents to make your home safer.
LINT-FREE & NO STREAKS: A good helper for glasses cleaning. The diamond-shaped structure of this glasses cleaning cloth is lint-proof and attracts dust quickly. If screens or lenses have some smudges, just a few wipes with the dry dusting cloths are effective. This glasses wipes clean mirrors and windows without water stains or residues on the surface, whether used dry or wet.
ABSORBENT & QUICK DRY: This highly absorbent household cleaning dishcloth is woven from microscopic fibers that absorbs water in a flash and can be used to wipe up spilled water or juices to keep floors or carpets clean. It absorbs water well but also dries quickly, easy to clean. This dishrag will not become stiff after multiple washings. Ideal for washing dishes and cleaning kitchen cabinets.
SCRATCH-FREE: This polishing cloth will not scratch the delicate surface of dishes, eyeglass, coatings, paintings, fluorescent screen, watch, spray paint, furniture, stainless steel while removing stains. It also can be used to polish sterling silver, gold, brass, or copper without worrying about causing damage in the process.
MULTIPLE USES: This all-purpose micro fiber wipe cloth is durable and reusable that can be used to wipe kitchenware, cars, electronics, glasses, crystal products, jewelry, leather products, high-grade clothing, home appliances, furniture, etc.