Hohem iSteady X, 3-Axis Foldable Lightweight Gimbal Stabilizer, Which is only 0.57Lbs, Supports Moment /Auto-Inception Mode, and is Compatible with iPhone 12/11 and Smartphones (0.57Lbs, Black)




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Product Description

iSteady X

iSteady X

iphone gimbaliphone gimbal

Friendly Reminder & Activation Notes

1. Friendly Reminder for the first-time use:

Before power on, please activate the gimbal. This is very important. Because if not activation, the gimbal will not work.It is NOT compatible with Xiaomi 10, Xiaomi 10 Pro, Xiaomi CC9 PRO that these back camera in the middle of the phone.There are 3 locks need to be unlocked and then can unfold it.When mounting the phone, please make sure it can be mounted at the middle of the gimbal.After mounting, please balance the phone on the gimbal.Hohem Pro APP account activation now support both of mobile phone number and Email verification to receive verification codes. If the moble phone number can not receive the verification codes, please choose the email vertification.

2. There are 5 Steps to do the Activation

Download the Hohem Pro App from Apple Store or Google Play.Register and login Hohem Pro AppMount your Phone at the middle of the gimbal and balance it well.Power on and the bluetooth light flashes as red and green.Enable the Bluetooth of the phone and launch the hohem pro App, Connect it.

There are some short Tutorial videos at the Hohem Pro App and Hohem-Tech, USKEY VISION YouTube for your watching.

3-Axis Foldable Phone Gimbal the Most Powerful Smartphone Stabilizer, supports wide-angle camera, auto low-angle shots.

Foldable Stabilizer

Foldable Stabilizer

gimbal stabilizer for phone

gimbal stabilizer for phone

Smartphone stabilizer

Smartphone stabilizer

Anti-Shake “iSteady 3.0” Stabilization

As a 3-Axis stabilizer, it has three Motors. So either the Pan or Roll and Tilt, it will offer the all-round Anti-shake, and give you the high-quality photos or videos.On the Market, there are some 1-Axis or 2-Axis stabilizer, which is much weaker than 3-Axis. They can not offer you the all-round stabilization.

Non-orthogonal Axes Design

This non-orthogonal-axe design can not only hold more big-screen phones with wide angle lens, but also capture as much photography as possible. Hohem iSteady X can assist you to make best use of any ultra wide lens smartphones. With iSteadyX, you can enjoy the video without limitation with wide angle camera, especially for iPhone11ProMax and for Samsung S10+ smartphones.

Auto-Rotation Low-Angle Shots

iSteadyX gimbal stabilizer rotate your phone automatically. When you shoot with your phone either beneath the subject and look straight up at it, it will be quite difficult by holding your gimbal as normal. Now with iSteady 3.0 automatic upside-down detection and auto-rotation technology, even extreme low angle shot could be taken but not lying on the floor.

Capture Every Moment with Hohem iSteady X Foldable Gimbal Stabilzer with Unique Selfie Stick Mode, 270° Roll Inception Mode, TikTok Modes

Auto-switch for selfie photo

Auto-switch for selfie photo

iPhone Selfie Stick

iPhone Selfie Stick

Mobile gimbal stabilizer

Mobile gimbal stabilizer

One-click to switch Horizontal & Vertical

Easily switch Horizontal to Vertical mode.

For iSteady X gimbal stabilizer, it is very easy to install and use the one-click TikTok mode to switch from horizontal to vertical mode automatically.

Selfie-stick Mode

Selfie Stick Mode

Hohem iSteady X as a selfie stick, the specific design allows you to lock the motors with more possibilities to continue shooting and use the iSteady X 3-axis gimbal stabilizer even it is power off.

Packing List

Hohem iSteady X gimbal stabilizer x 1PCMini Tripod x 1PCStorage Pouch x 1PCPower Cable x 1PCWrist Strap x 1PC

Hohem iSteady X Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer- 3-Axis Gimbal Handheld Stabilizer for Fantasy Footage

iSteady X Gimbal Phone Stabilizer Use TipsiSteady X Gimbal Phone Stabilizer Use Tips

Compatibility List

Compatible Phones: Weight ≤280G, Thickness ≤11mm, Width 55mm~90mm.

The below is some phone models for reference, while highly recommend that you can leave us a message before you are not sure about the phone compatibility.

Hohem Pro App requires iOS 10.0 or above: for iPhone 12/11/pro/max, for iPhone New SE, iPhone XS/MAX/XR, for iPhone X/8/8P/7/7P/6SHohem Pro App requires Android 6.0 or above:For Galaxy S20, S10, S10 Plus, A90, A80, A70, A8S, A50, for Galaxy Note 10/9For Huawei Mate 40/Pro, P40/Pro, P30/pro, P20/Pro, P10/Pro, Mate 30/Pro, Mate 20/Pro, Mate 10/ProFor Google Pixel Smartphones and other Android Smartphones.

◆【 How to Activate for the First Time】— There are 5 Steps to do the Activation. 1) Download the Hohem Pro App from Apple Store or Google Play. 2) Register and login Hohem Pro App. 3) Mount your Phone at the middle of the gimbal and balance it well. 4) Power on and the bluetooth light flashes as red and green. 5) Enable the Bluetooth of the phone and launch the hohem pro App, Connect it.
◆【Only 259G, Pocket-Size & Foldable】— As the world’s lightest 3-Axis gimbal stabilizer, the weight of the iSteady X is only 259G. And the more important is that it is also a foldable gimbal, whose size is smaller than one hand. When you want to capture and make videos, it will be easy to come with you anywhere, never worry about its size and weight.
◆【One-Click · Auto-Inception Mode】— To be the iSteady 3.0 first gimbal stabilizer, the iSteady X makes the Inception Mode to be easier, even for the Youtube/Vlog beginners. Just one click on Hohem Pro APP, it will enter into the Inception Mode Automatically.
◆【iSteady 3.0, more Powerful Anti-Shake Algorithm System】— Equipped with enhanced DC brushless motors and the iSteady 3.0 anti-shake algorithm system, iSteady X is compact but more powerful to work for the smartphones to make cinematic videos easily.
◆【User Ecosystem · Moment Mode · Hohem Pro App】— The face-tracking 3.0 with AI technology, the one-click auto-inception mode, the Beauty mode and various filters, the one-click dolly-zoom, the one-click time-lapse. All of them are gathered in one App, it is called “Hohem Pro”. It mades the iSteady X more functional and easier to operate for everyone. Enjoy it, enjoy the moment!