Flowclear 1000gal Filter Pump




Price: $89.99
(as of Aug 01,2021 22:45:58 UTC – Details)

The Bestway 1000 gal Filter Pump is essential for pool owners wanting to keep their pool water clean and hygienic over the summer months. The filter pump enables clean water to continually flow through 15ft to 18ft above ground pools. The swimming pool filtration pump keeps clean water circulating by pumping it out of a swimming pool, through a filter cartridge and back again. Two hoses are included with the Bestway pump and are attached to two separate points on the swimming pool. The loose end of one hose is connected to an inlet on the filter pump and the end of the other hose is plugged into an outlet. Water is pumped out of the pool and through the inlet hose at a rate of 1000 gallons per hour, before being sanitized by the filter cartridge and pumped back through the outlet hose. It then begins its journey all over again, providing clean, clear, hygienic water.

Double insulated premium filter pump
Easy to operate-simply turn on the pump for 6 hours a day
Compatible with Type III or Type A/C Filter Cartridges
1,000 gal. Pump Flow Rate
For use with 300- 5,100 gallon pools