Empath Self Introspection Guide 2 in 1: Awaken & Heal Repetitive Patterns, Master Emotions, Tools to Overcome Self-Doubt & Trust Your Path. Discover Your Life Purpose & Reveal Your Highest Potential




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Ever wanted to make the right changes in your life, but were never quite sure how to go about them? This guide will help empaths or HSPs get a better understanding of themselves. With very useful questions and tasks to guide you, along with real examples from an experienced empath, Ahlia takes you by the hand and teaches you how to believe in yourself and your dreams. Learn to explore your gifts, and be open to seek your truth to acknowledge and change bad habits. 

Inspiring and entertaining, this trustworthy guide will teach and challenge you to become the best version of yourself. By using modern-day techniques and being open to new possibilities, you’ll discover how you can embrace your new way of being by believing in your capabilities and yourself.

Ahlia Rose is an intuitive coach and professional who loves travel and writing in a raw and stripped-back way. Her books explore spirituality and psychic abilities, as well as healing from narcissistic relationships. This gem will provide many listeners with uplifting energy and motivation to conquer fears going forward.

You will learn to:

  • Develop your self-worth
  • Understand your belief system
  • Learn techniques to set boundaries in your private and work life
  • Acknowledge the red flags for an empath
  • Understand your inner child wounds
  • Be open to change and setting healing routines
  • See how astrology can help empaths
  • Establish the aspects you need to work on to manifest your desired life

Listeners will feel encouraged every step of the way as Ahlia shares her story and offers sound advice.

No one knows you better than yourself, and only by admitting to your truths can you evolve. Come on a travel journey with Ahlia across the world in search of herself, a partner, and the lifestyle she so deeply desires. 

What do you desire to have in your life? Discover how to align with your heart’s desires and live a life of which you are truly worthy. Buy this book now, and change your destiny.