Eliya Organic Young King Coconut Water, 10.1 fl. oz Glass Bottles (Pack of 12)




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Product Description



Eliya is packed with serious electrolyte power!

Each bottle of Eliya contains:

-2x the electrolytes compared to the standard green coconut

-more potassium than a banana

-the same amount of magnesium as two cups of raw spinach

-the same amount of calcium as a half a cup of milk

-an amount of iron equivalent to 2/3 cup raw kale

-as much phosphorus as an ounce of peas


It’s not just about the great taste…



King Coconut

King Coconut

Environmentally Safe

Environmentally Safe


Eliya comes in 100% plastic-free packaging, including a custom frosted glass ergonomic bottle to preserve not only the quality and taste but also our Earth.

Our coconuts are not only hand-harvested, but each coconut is hand-cracked and poured. The shells are then composted to help expand and grow more King coconut trees.

King Coconut

Eliya’s king coconuts are hand-harvested and bottled in small batches within 4 hours of harvesting.

Eliya is the only coconut water brand in the world to take the extra step in small-batch manufacturing, keeping the taste fresh and natural as if you’ve just cracked open the coconut yourself.

Eliya coconut water is not homogenized – color and taste will vary as a result. You might want to question how other brands each bottle/carton taste the same.

Environmentally Safe

Our king coconuts are harvested while young and tender in small batches to ensure optimal taste.

Each King coconut is harvested by hand, as to not damage the tree, fruit, or young saplings.


The King Coconut is indigenous to Sri Lanka

It is a coconut variant orange in color that was made by mother nature solely for drinking purposes.

This special coconut is aptly named “King” for its richer taste and its naturally occurring electrolytes

Where Eliya was born


“Why would anyone drink the green coconut?”

Eliya was conceptualized after a bike ride in the utopian hilly town of Sri Lanka named “Nuwara Eliya”. A few years back, my wife and I packed our bags and moved to the paradise island of Sri Lanka. At the break of dawn, we would go on biking expeditions. We would cut through beautiful hills, cycled alongside rivers and about midway through every journey we would stop and treat ourselves to a King Coconut.

The refreshing taste of the King Coconut with its subtle sweetness and ultra rejuvenating powers was just what we needed. For my wife, who is Sri Lankan, the King Coconut has been the only kind of coconut water she has tasted. “Why would anyone drink the green coconut?” For me, it was the best tasting and most refreshing coconut water I have ever had. This hidden secret of the golden nut had to be shared with the world. It was here, amongst the lush vegetation, that ‘Eliya’ was born.

The name ‘Eliya’ meaning ‘light’ in Sinhalese, is inspired by this village nestled in the hill country of Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya. Our Brand imbibes the purity and spirituality of its literal meaning and envisions bringing the light to everyone through our organic and sustainable process.

100% PURE ORGANIC – Non-GMO, No preservatives, certified USDA Organic, no sugar added, hand harvested, gluten free… this is the real deal
REJUVENATING – By optimizing your thyroid hormones and strengthening your immune system and replenishing your electrolytes, coconut water boosts your daily energy
STRAIGHT FROM THE COCONUT – Because we take it straight from the coconut, every bottle’s flavor is unique to the coconut it came from giving you a natural experience every time
2X ELECTROLYTES – Made from king coconut, our coconut water contains 2 times the electrolytes and 35% less sugar than green coconut currently used by all other US brands