Free My Ice Cream Truck: Make Sweet Frozen Desserts in 2020

My Ice Cream Truck There’s nothing in a manner that is superior to solidified yogurt treats, milkshake and strawberry shortcake on a Hot Day !

My Ice Cream Truck Game
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DELICIOUS My Ice Cream Truck Game

Need to make a strawberry shortcake solidified yogurt? Or then again do you love milkshake games? What are your main sweet treats? You can have an Ice Cream Truck and be a solidified yogurt maker to serve the sum of the cakes you love the most!!


In what way will you serve your VIP customers? Will you choose to mix everything to make smooth strawberry shortcake solidified yogurt and serve it with a side of delectable yogurt? Or of course do you lean toward a milkshake you can make with strawberry solidified yogurt and rich fixing? Or of course nippy resuscitating refreshments like smoothie, yogurt and milkshake are really what you love?


• The Sweetest Food My Ice Cream Truck Around!

Reenact the superb strength of mixing solidified yogurt flavors to make set gelato delights, strawberry shortcake desserts, and different delicious treats!

• Easy to Play!

Essentially natural the trimmings to complete your customers orders. It’s so clear, anyone can transform into a pro milkshake maker!

• Infinite Levels!

Be a solidified yogurt maker and a milkshake maker and play to no end as much as you need!

• Unlock Kitchen Tools, Ice Cream Flavors and Toppings!

Pick the flavors for your rich embellishment and light up each smoothie, Slurpee, slushie, strawberry shortcake solidified yogurt with sprinkles, and all the best slushy My Ice Cream Truck games treats.

• Decorate Your Ice Cream Truck with Style!

Let’s be honest, what kind of My Ice Cream Truck games or solidified yogurt games would this be if you couldn’t make your solidified yogurt truck as brilliant as a piñata?

• Be a World Famous Ice Cream Maker and Milkshake Maker!

Make the news in the local paper by showing the world all the best slushy, smooth yogurt, milkshake, kream, and strawberry shortcake dessert mixes.

  • Looking for the best solidified yogurt games, milkshake games, cooking games, food games, or slushy games around? By then look no further – this Cooking Adventure has everything!


You will get sweet treats demands, in light of everything! Maybe you will be a commended cake maker, or solidified yogurt maker, or smoothie maker, or the best milkshake maker in the zone of this food test framework cooking game! Each time you get another fixing you can be imaginative and consider new tasty sweet treats to plan and attract a regularly expanding number of people to your solidified yogurt truck! It is a sure thing that customers will appreciate all that you make in this solidified yogurt games. 😋

Your Ice Cream Truck can even host an authentic Mexican gathering with helado de chocolate, helado de fresas, and various sweet treats with rich trimmings to make it distinctive and playful like a piñata!!

Plunge into the chilly goodness that is this Ice Cream Truck Simulator brought to you by Tapps Games!

  • If its all the same to you note! Similarly as other slushy games, milkshake games and solidified yogurt games, this game contains things that can be purchased with certifiable money.

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