Best Mazes and More game in 2020

Mazes and More is a classic maze/labyrinth game with fun and surprises environments. Just slide your finger and guide the place through the walls to find a way out and escape the maze. Minimal 2D graphics make it look like a classic retro maze game, while new keep the fresh adventure (and sometimes terrifying!) Game modes don’t need any marker. We did not experiment with mice or cheese.


  • Easy game, forget about the awkward tilt buttons or unresponsive accelerometer. Better than using a marker!
  • All the mazes are handmade, no random levels.
  • 6 categories: Classic, Enemies, Ice, Dark, Traps and Time Attack. And there is more!
    The puzzles range from easy mazes to much more difficult and advanced mazes.
  • Minimalist and retro 2D graphics, forget about complicated 3D mazes.
  • We don’t use poor mice in mazes and we don’t waste delicious cheese.

Guide the point along different paths in this free maze adventure. Run, explore, and find your way out through the intricate walls. Is there a Minotaur? Complete the 450 mazes and become the king of the maze. Have fun 🙂 No mouse was damaged when creating this game.

Mazes & More is available in more than 53 languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and many more.

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sand balls apk game
sand balls apk game

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