Master Paradise Makeover : Home Design Game


Have you ever dreamed of a tropical lifestyle? Play Home Design: Paradise Life today, an offline home design game that lets you create the ultimate tropical getaways, custom interiors inspired by the island lifestyle, vacation resorts and spas. Each new episode features a new interior or exterior design with a fascinating beach view and different clients like HGTV who took a leap of faith and moved to the islands to seek a life in Paradise: siblings, celebrities, families with children and the newlyweds. Do your best and give a master class to make your home interiors memorable. Enhance your home design skills and master makeovers by creating visually stunning ocean view rooms. You will have access to high-end furniture from Pinterest.

★ Enjoy your hobby by following a creative home design masterclass with furniture from Pinterest
★ Build and renovate houses and follow the process throughout the remodeling.
★ Build rooms from scratch with most fashionable furniture
★ Discover your artistic ability by making creative decisions for your property
★ Learn about inspiring and vibrant architecture
★ Learn to find your style, work with patterns, and use lighting

Are you ready to live on a tropical island? Enjoy the tropical sun and build the best houses on sandy beaches, while enjoying the tropical turquoise sea.

Home Design: Paradise Life is free to play, although some game items can also be purchased for real money. Enjoying Home Design: Life in Paradise? Learn more about the game!




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