Little Krishna game for kids in 2020

Little Krishna game for kids. Now Krishna’s sister says that she put Putana in the court of Vrindavan and lived righteously for her mistakes. Enjoy a completely new gaming experience and the challenges that Vrindavan has to offer and have fun overcoming obstacles in your own fireplace. Avoid angry and raging elephants, lava flows, and more. Buy tokens on the go to unlock characters with specific abilities. Everything is to make sure to dust off and strengthen the score among our friends in the next 3D challenge game.

Still living according to the workers of Makhan Masti, he learns to protect Vrindavan and his people of Putana with the help of magical powders. Fight your caves and teach them a lesson on how to challenge the FIGHT AGAINST BOSS.

little krishna game
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Game Features of Little Krishna:

Spin, jump and slide between investigators
Collectibles, collect collectibles and upgrade upgrades
BUY Tokens to unlock characters with specific abilities
EXPLORE the vibrant terrain of Vrindavan with HD graphic inscriptions
Defeat Putana in challenging BOSS FIGHTS
MORE POINTS and beat your friends with exciting power-ups
Take on all the CHALLENGES in this official “Little Krishna” mobile game.

  • The game is also optimized for tablets.
  • This game is completely free to download and play. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend that the mother be inactive. You can limit this by applying or configuring your blocks.

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