Lens Cleanse Natural Cleaning Kit - 12 Pack

Lens Cleanse Natural Cleaning Kit – 12 Pack Leave a comment

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Price: $9.99
(as of Jun 18,2021 00:33:46 UTC – Details)


Hoodman HLC12 makes lens cleaning convenient and quick with its new “Lens Cleanse” natural lens cleaning kits. Specially formulated enzymes actually breakdown grime to super clean photographic lenses and filters without harming delicate optical coatings or the environment. Convenient wet & dry kits store in your camera bag ready to tear open as needed. No need for bulky, leaking, caustic chemical bottles to clean your lenses.Enzymes are naturally occurring substances whose sole purpose is to break down organic matter. Organic plant enzymes make up the powerful cleaning agent in Hoodman’s Lens Cleanse natural lens cleaning kits. The delicate optical coatings of your lenses and filters are never compromised because Lens Cleanse enzymes do not hurt optical coatings. Lens Cleanse towelletes are made up of super soft natural wood fibers that will not scratch lenses or filters. Hoodman Lens Cleanse natural lens cleaning kits are good for your lenses, filters and the environment too!

Quantity included: 12 Pack
Compatibility: Lenses, filters
Will Not Harm Optical coating
Enzyme Activated / Eco Responsible
Towelettes are Made From Soft Fibers

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