Incredible Jack: Jumping & Running (Offline Games) in 2020

An incredible journey in the style of the best console games. Inflate everything around you and defeat 7 BIG bosses. Incredible Jack Upgrade your hero by making him stronger in this amazing platform game.

This free game Incredible Jack works without Internet. Offline games are the best option to play anywhere and anytime.

Help Jack save his family from the demons of the underworld in this powerful jumping game. Collect thousands of coins, eliminate countless enemies and use a variety of wild stunt costumes to reach the exit at the end of each level.

Retro platform
Incredible Jack returns to the best classic platform games; Jump on the heads of your enemies to score points, use the fountains to push Jack through the air or slide through the water and challenge seven powerful bosses.

Travel to a magical world
With 43 levels to explore, Jack will travel through the treetops, through sand-filled tombs, ice caves, and overflowing lava pits of the underworld.

Oral tax
Jack’s sons left a trail of coins to help locate him. Collect as many shiny treasures as you can by breaking boxes, barrels, bags, and in hidden areas.

Game features Incredible Jack

  • Play offline (Incredible Jack works without Wi-Fi and Internet)
  • Fantastic retro platform
  • 43 action packed levels
  • 7 fantastic game worlds to explore
  • Fill your boots with coins of anything you can break.
  • Use the boot to detonate or turn Jack into a magnetic coin

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