Free Online Games for Toddlers Age 3

Gone are those days when parents used to bring physical toys for their kids. The world is revolutionizing and so are the games related to toddlers and young ones. Toddlers are basically the children who have just started walking or crawling. Because of the widespread of the internet and technology the craze of physical games for toddlers is diminishing. Today we’ll be talking about the free online games for toddlers age 3 and above.

The new trend that the parents follow these days for their kid is making him play virtually in online gameplay. Thus, toddlers are so lucky that right from their birth itself they have got access to technology.

There are many websites that specialize in providing free online games for toddlers age 3, free online games for toddlers age 4, free online games for toddlers age 5 so on and so forth. The online games come up with such immense graphics and gameplay which attracts the young minds of toddlers. There are websites that provide press any key games for toddlers as they are very little and pressing any button would bring joy to them.

Various companies are working on such projects which would fulfill the need of young children. Companies such as Miniclip and CBC are completely focused on providing free online games for kids. These websites on the internet help children by giving free educational games and spacebar games for toddlers. Therefore, nowadays it is much easier to access free toddler games over the internet.

Now I would like to tell you about the best and most popular free online games for toddlers age 3,4,5,6 and also the way to free online games for toddlers age 3 download so stay tuned.

Free online games for toddlers age 3 are:

Alphabet Bingo: –

Alphabet Bingo is basically the bingo version for kids with the variant as alphabets. The alphabets are spelled in rhyme and music which the toddler enjoys and also tries to pronounce the same. It’s surely the best free online game for toddlers age 3 as well it is also a free educational game.

Borris the magician: –

This comes under the category of press any key games for toddlers. In this game, your kid enjoys pressing the keyboard keys in order to reveal the next magic trick by a magician named Borris.

Animals and their babies: –

Probably the best free online game for toddlers age 3, 4, 5 where the kid has to guess the parent animals and the baby which belongs to them. This game is also a free educational game as it involves a mental exercise of the toddlers.

Learning the Shapes: –

As the name suggests this game involves different shapes that are shown to the kid on the screen. With amazing jingles and music, the child learns the names of figures easily.

Pick a zoo: –

Another interesting game over the internet wherein the toddler is taken to a virtual zoo safari and he has to guess the name of different animals and study their behavior.

Color guess: –

This game is played by many toddlers as this game involves matching and guessing the color names and there match. It is one of the popular games among preschool kids.

Now I am going to tell you about some of the applications which you as a parent should have on your phone, these applications are full of toddler games and can be considered as games inside a game so stay tuned;

• The first one is the Lego Duplo Train which is a train simulator kind of game. Kids generally find it very interesting and fun when it comes to train and railway tracks.

• PSB kids are another such application which has its very own PSB games. Through its PSB characters, the toddlers are made to identify colors, shapes, edible items, and science.

• Fish School is a school run by a fish in the game; the toddlers find it very much fun-filled to learn from a fish that keeps traveling in the ocean and making different numbers and shapes.

• Scribbalo Paint is an amazing game application that provides the toddlers with a canvas, paint colors, and free drawing features so that the toddlers can just swipe there fingers on the paint screen and create amazing masterpieces.

So, now we come to know that there are various applications and games available for toddlers and you can also download free online games for toddlers age 3. The most popular games are generally free educational games that actually help the children by making them learn shapes and colors. Toddler games also come in various applications that have games inside an application and therefore all together enhance the learning of the child.

Many people now a day do not bring physical toys also for their children due to the availability of such interesting toddler games over the internet. These toddler games are free, easy to access, and attractive which is the most important point from the children’s point of view.

There are many websites such as Miniclip and PSB that provide free online games and helps to educate through gaming also. You’ll just have to search for free online games for toddlers age 3 or the keywords free online games for toddlers age 4 or 5 would probably land you to the best page displaying the gaming websites.

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While downloading the games, be cautious of your privacy. When you download the fraud copies of games, your personal data can be leaked and your device may be filled with viruses, as downloading those duplicate copies of games may invite the access of malware, spyware, and several different viruses. Hence, to protect your device from these viruses, purchase authentic copies of games.

Disclaimer: –

Few of the websites are fraud and might include viruses thus I have not linked them with the website. Also, If you want to play a glitch-free game without any bugs and lags I would recommend buying the original copy of the game and play.

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