Doraemon Repair Shop Seasons Free Game in 2020

Springtime is here and it’s the time of growing cherry blossoms. Doraemon Repair Shop Seasons, the beguiling progressed robot cat, and his wacky pack are setting up there for the most part valuable mechanics shop for sure to fix broken family things. Get ready for another invigorating preliminary of speed and reflexes!

Doraemon Repair Shop Seasons game
Download Doraemon Repair Shop Seasons game

The inhabitants are doing some spring cleaning. Old and broken machines and furniture are getting eliminated from homes. What a waste! Doraemon Repair Shop Seasons Seeing all these, our main robot cat has thought of a virtuoso game plan. He teams up with his sidekicks and opens up an auto shop using his future contraptions to help fix and restore various things all-around extraordinary! As an end-result of the fixes, the peppy inhabitants will give Doraemon his #1 snack: Dorayaki.

The neighbors were energized that their wrecked things can be fixed in the preeminent conditions that inexorably a greater amount of them go to the shop, bringing fundamentally more stuff! Okay, have the option to remain mindful of the rapidly creating interest?

Help Doraemon, Noby, Shizuka, and colleagues run their all around convenient mechanics shop! Prevent discarded things from aggregating and going to waste and progress reusing in the zone. You should manage the movement of the materials and direct Doraemon and his allies to various future contraptions that will fix broken machines, furniture, and some more. Fulfill the inhabitants by fixing their stuff, putting aside them lots of money for new stuff and they’ll compensate Doraemon with gigantic measures of delightful Dorayaki!

Features of Doraemon Repair Shop Seasons:

  • Enjoy 9 testing levels pulled in Doraemon’s specific craftsmanship style
  • Team up with Doraemon and allies to run the auto shop
  • Use Doraemon’s savvy gadgets to fix the things: Reconstruction Flash Light, Time Cloth, Dismantling Screwdriver, Boost Potion, Super Battery and X-Ray Camera
  • Upgrade your instruments for faster creation
  • Train Doraemon and allies for better profitability
  • Get passing lifts using Doraemon’s shocking gadgets!
  • Beautiful, changing subjects to arrange the season

Fixing broken things is fun with Doraemon and sidekicks. Download Doraemon Repair Shop, FREE!

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