Best Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games in 2021

Cover Fire Your commitment is to lead the battle and become the best shooter and sharpshooter.

Download now with the assumption for free one of best detached shooting match-ups on mobiles

cover fire game
cover fire game

New mode: Sniper FPS Ops. You got the call for commitment of whipping all enemies the time terminates. Running against the time and shoot! Each target adds 3 seconds to persevere

Endeavor the free zombie event! Hit and don’t leave any zombies alive!! It is protected to say that you are a perseverance legend?

It’s an ideal chance to take an action in the combat area. Call your best sharpshooter and shooter and fight on the cutting edge. Shoot to butcher in unique powers and get by in this addictive marksman 3d shooting match-up!


  • Play Offline. We recommend a wifi to download the game, yet you needn’t waste time with wifi to play.
  • New Shooting Game and testing Story mode. Join the resistance and request this battle like an expert. Take your weapon, hit the foe outfitted power with a hail of slug, explosives, massive guns. Conveyance the Fury of this War!
  • Modern control that present to you a fun and addictive fight. Shoot to Kill and saving setbacks!
  • HD Graphics with destructible conditions. Everything helps out you and your contenders.
  • Become an authentic veteran official in the online rivalries mode, put yourself in a lovely involvement in persevering movement against various expert assassins players. Do whatever it takes not to stop shooting in disengaged missions with the flexible
  • Supply yourself with a gigantic certified munititions reserve. You have never seen so reasonable weapon games: firearms, shotguns, rifles, master marksmen… feel like a veritable commando!
  • Face the cutting edge from substitute perspectives. Substitute among your recruited officers in realtime, find an authoritative blend to win the battle in a conclusive killing game.
  • Set up your expert assassin group with their exceptional capacities: software engineer, sharpshooter, assault man… Open new adventures master sharpshooters and shooters like the bazooka-man or the gun slinger! Have you ever seen an inflatable dinosaur on the cutting edge?
  • Take the control of the battle and become the best shooter in the most addictive sharpshooter 3d shooting.

In Cover Fire you got the call for commitment to be the shooter who lead a group of veterans through assaulted metropolitan zones, deserts and fields taken by guerrillas, and obliteration such an adversaries in the fight with the best reasonable, most essential weapons store and the best detached intelligence on versatile.

A conclusive shooting battle knowledge. Look for cover, point, shoot and execute this hazard. Make an effort not to permit the mental oppressors to have the world in the best military shooter game ever!

  • Build your front line framework in the combat area and butcher your foe from all sides. Face unlimited tasks movement in the online rivalries game mode.Take your weapons from a killing arms store and level up your champions with intriguing shooter capacities.
  • Challenging Story mode. Fight against Tetracorp and lead an employed trooper revolt on every mission. The best continuous communication in the most dazzling shooting match-up ever.

Endless shooter movement! Welcome to the Resistance. Welcome to Cover Fire.

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