Comprehensive User’s Guide for Samsung Galaxy Tab S7/S7plus: Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features to Explore Your UI2.5 Powered Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 & Tab S7+

Comprehensive User’s Guide for Samsung Galaxy Tab S7/S7plus: Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features to Explore Your UI2.5 Powered Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 & Tab S7+ Leave a comment

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If you want to know more about the most powerful and productive Android tablet the world has ever seen, then read on…

This book is the perfect guide that will help you know how to explore your Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7plus. Inside this manual, you will get all the essential features to the advanced features and navigate the UI2.5 operating system user’s interface.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ comes with S Pen. And combining the new S Pen with the 120Hz refresh rate and the Samsung DeX make this device powerful than most laptops.

Between owning a device and a laptop, it is sometimes hard to justify the purchase of a third device, a tablet. But I can think of some reasons why I could justify a tablet like the Galaxy S7 range. It serves as a portable entertainment device; for reading comics, magazines, watching movies, or playing games. And Microsoft is adding cloud gaming to the Xbox Game Pass, and it will be a great experience in your Tab S7 series. This book will deliver to you all the guides you need to work with your tablet.

Some additional information you get includes;

How to Connect the Galaxy Buds Live

How to Transfer Files/data from Other device Wirelessly

Transferring Of Files/Data from Other Devices to Galaxy Tab S7

Basic Navigation in Your Galaxy Tab S7

Samsung Notes

Best Tips for using Samsung Notes in Galaxy Tab S7

Handwriting to Text

How to Draw Perfect shapes in Samsung Notes

How to Use Brushes to Painting

Screenshots & Screen Recording

Lockdown Mode

How to Set Up Focus Mode

Samsung Flow

Samsung Members

Samsung Kids

Game Booster

Daily Board


How to Wirelessly Connect DeX to a Smart TV/Screen

How to Use DeX via Microsoft wireless display adapter

Samsung DeX vs Screen Mirroring

Secure Folder

How to Move Files Out/into the Secure Folder

Secure Wi-Fi

S Pen Air Command Menu

Taking Photos with the S Pen

Taking Selfie with the S Pen

Using S Pen to translate Languages

Using S Pen to Magnify a Text or an Object

Using S Pen to Write On a Calendar

Using S Pen to Select Multiple Items

Basic S Pen Gestures in Galaxy Tab S7 Series

Using S Pen to Unlock your Tablet
How to Connect a New S Pen Your Device

How to Reset your S Pen

Call & Text on other Devices


Texting with Bixby

Adding Routines

Running Routines

Customizing routines

How to Forcefully Restart Your Galaxy Tab S7

How to Customize Call Display While Using App

How to Reset Samsung Galaxy tab S7

How to Unlock Developer Options

Managing Your Samsung Account.

How to Dedicate Memory to an App

Disable the Apps o button

How to keep your Galaxy Tab S7 series Runs Superfast

How to Sync contacts with your web accounts

How to Create Emoji Sticker

Using Emoji to Make Fun Videos/ Photos

How to invert background Color

Smart Pop-View

How to Add Bitmoji to Always On Display

How to Request for Friend Wi-Fi Network Password.

Troubleshooting some Issues in Galaxy Tab S7.

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