Buying Laptop Computers: Your 2012 Guide to Finding Laptop Deals

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Thinking of buying a new laptop? Make sure you know what you’re doing: read "Buying Laptop Computers: Your 2012 Guide to Finding Laptop Deals". By author Matt Smith of, this manual explains everything you need to know to find the laptop of your dreams.

Laptops are a complete product. Unlike a desktop, which allows you to pick-and-choose the monitor, the keyboard, the mouse and the sound system, a laptop comes with all of these components included. Most components are not user-serviceable. What you see is what you’ll be using until the laptop kicks the bucket or you sell it on Craigslist and buy a new one.

It’s easy to focus on one or two features of a laptop, such as the processor or the display, and make a decision based on it alone. This can lead to dissatisfaction as sub-par components become apparent during extended use. Understanding all the components of a laptop will help you avoid this, but can take some work.

In this guide we’ll be taking a comprehensive look at not only the hardware but also the keyboard, the touchpad, the display and more. We hope that you’ll feel more informed by the time you’re done.

Our 2012 update is debuting half-way through the year, but there’s reason for that. We’ve timed this release to coordinate with Intel’s Ivy Bridge release. Though it is not a complete re-design, it will change what you can expect from a new laptop.

This guide will show you:
-What’s going on in the current laptop market, from Ultrabooks to battery life
-What to look for in laptop hardware, from the CPU to GPU from RAM to hard drives.
-Which brands are considered trustworthy, and which aren’t
-A look into manufacturer and retail warranties – are they worth it?

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