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Everyone likes sweet! Lollipop game download Now you’ve got an entire candy factory to make candies in your style!

Sounds cool! Right? We produce lollipops, chocolate drops and jelly gums! You own this candy sweet factory, let us create your very own dessert food via your self!

Lollipop game downloads
Lollipop game downloads

Just some steps to make those high-quality candy goodies besides you need it!
You may want to:

  • Cook it!
  • Mold it!
  • Cool it!
  • Decorate it!
  • Pack it! You’ll design the bundle and your very own emblem for your dessert! Cool~~~~~
  • Eat it!
  • Share it!

You becomes a dessert maker professional after making all types of sweets over and over once more. But the innovative opportunities in this sweet manufacturing unit are countless! You have so many picks on flavors, such like fresh strawberry, candy cherry, chocolate, watermelon and greater! Tons of decoration preference which the manufacturing unit offers helps on growing your style freely. Go with us to reveal your excellent sweets as a talented dessert maker!

Features Lollipop game download:

  • Make your very own sweet candy and revel in the dessert making procedure with splendid fun.
  • Decorate the candy sweet on your very own style with heaps of dessert decoration choice.
  • Design your personal package and logo on your yummy candy~~simply cool~~!
  • Simply scratch and tap to make your very personal candy to enjoy double a laugh!
  • You can share the candy with your buddies to show your outstanding creations, or simply consume them!

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