141pcs Cord Management Organizer Kit 4 Cable Sleeve Split,25 Self Adhesive Cable Clip Holder,10pcs and 2 Roll Self Adhesive tie and 100 Fastening Cable Ties for TV Office Home etc (Black)

141pcs Cord Management Organizer Kit 4 Cable Sleeve Split,25 Self Adhesive Cable Clip Holder,10pcs and 2 Roll Self Adhesive tie and 100 Fastening Cable Ties for TV Office Home etc (Black) Leave a comment

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Product Description


Cable Sleeve Split SleevingMaterial: PETSize:4*20 Inch | Diameter: 1/2″Operating temperature:-50℃~150℃Melting point: 240±10℃Flame retardant level: UL94 V-2Uses: The products are widely used in high-speed railways, automobiles, automation equipment, computer wires, and are especially suitable for protection and heat dissipation environments.

Cable ClipsCable Clips

5 Different specifications self-adhesive wire clamps,Respectively: two 1 hole, one 3 hole, one 5 hole, one 7 hole.Meticulous workmanship, durable, The cables are arranged in one step, the desktop becomes tidy, and the work speeds up.Highly Durable & Flexible Silicone.Soft and flexible,protecting the cable is not squeezed.Multi-wire universal,applicable to all kinds of wire within 6mm/0.25inch diameter, such as data cable, headphone cable, network cable, mouse, audio cable, etc.

Black Cable ClipsBlack Cable Clips

Black Cable Clips

Black Cable Clips small size and large ability, solve the messy wire, clean and comfortable

cable tiescable ties

Nylon Zip Ties

The lock head is specially designed to prevent it from hooking on the rough surface of its back, and it can make the cable tie easier to pass through and easy to install.Cable ties is made of nylon PA66 ,Soft and wear-resistant.Not easy to fracture.Resistant to bending.Working temperature: -15 degrees to +65 degrees.Fire rating 94V-2.Tensile strength: 40 pounds.Small Ties, Big Use.Collect and organize the helpers ,to bring comfort to the life .Although cord tie is small, it is a right-hand man in life and work.Note: The indoor and outdoor use scenes are different. Long-term use under high temperature and sunlight will affect the life of the cable tie.

2 rolls of self-adhesive cable ties

2 rolls of self-adhesive cable ties

10 cable ties

10 cable ties

10 cable ties

10 cable ties


Double-sided allows you to cut custom-length rings to wrap unsightly cables together.Take control of computer and electronic cord clutter with easily adjustable,reusable hook & loop ties.

Roll back and paste ,Can be used in both sides

The hairy can surface faces outward , also can hook face outwards, not easy to fall off, easy to use.


Can be used to organize and sort out various family wires,they can be used to tie up speaker cables,guitar cables,TV cables,microphone mic,computer cables,curtain,and much more.

【4 Split Sleeving】Length: 4*20 Inch | Diameter: 1/2″ |Our wire loom is split and easy to load wires. Once loaded, our cable sleeve will close on itself and perfect wire wrap.Our cable management sleeve is used for Hifi speaker hdmi automotive wires,keeps the cords organized with no more messy cables in your home and office.
【5 Cable Holder Clips】Made of 100% silicone, these cable holders are nontoxic, dustfree, antistatic and eco-friendly.Effective cable management for cable clean up-self-Adhesive black Cable Clips, more size for good enough to keep all your messy cables organized and accessible in the positions you require.
【20 Black Cable Clips】 The Clip is made from eco-friendly Polyamide66 material, nontoxic, extra strong, and dystectic.Works on all clean surfaces like desks, walls, baseboards, cabinets, wood, ceramics, etc.
【100 Nylon Zip Ties】Length: 8 Inch | Self-locking design. Nylon cable ties can be used for tying cables, plants, packages, etc. It’s a great tool in home, office, garden and workshop.
【2 rolls of self-adhesive cable ties + 10 cable ties 】Flexibility and versatility-2 rolls of self-adhesive cable ties length: 2*118inch, width: 0.6inch. Can be freely cut according to the required size. Each wire ties is 6inch length and 0.7 inches in width. A total of 10 cable ties.Include an eye hole in the tail allowing the tie to be attached to a cable or hung from a hook.

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